At the time of his passing on December 31, 2014, Ed was serving a second term as Worshipful Master of the Kiskiminetas Masonic Lodge #617, and was a member of the Knights Templar, and served on the Advisory Board for Lincoln Chapter order of DeMolay. Ed was also a member of the Syria Shrine AAONMS in Cheswick, PA.

About the Barclay Watch Co., in the words of our late Founder, Designer, & CEO, Edwin L. "Ed" Barclay:

Edwin L. "Ed" Barclay"I have collected both vintage and new wristwatches for around 15 years, and have a fairly sizable collection, a collection that did not include a Masonic watch. The watches that were on the market at that time were, in my opinion, quite boring. The several companies that produced "Masonic watches" basically took one of their standard timepieces, dropped a square & compass onto the dial, and called it their Masonic watch. I wanted something different; something interesting--a Masonic timepiece like no other. It was November of 2010, and the first thoughts of starting my own company had taken root in my brain, a thought that would soon become an obsession--one that turned into a reality!

I have always considered the Dudley "Emblem" pocket watch of the 1920's to be the finest example of what a Masonic timepiece should be, but a pocket watch isn't exactly something I or most brothers would wear every day. My background is in graphic design and marketing, so I didn't have a clue as to how to actually create my own watch. But by sheer good fortune, I came across a company in California that had previously produced watches for Disney and many other large corporations, and the owner and I hit it off from the beginning. Now I had someone who could handle the technical production end of the process, and I could concentrate on designing the timepiece I had begun to envision. A watch that would capture the look of the Dudley movement, but without the incredible (and impossible) expense of actually recreating his movement in a wristwatch size for today's Freemasons. Starting with simple sketches on napkins in restaurants, then to notepaper, until I had the design exactly the way I wanted it. The factory took those drawings and used them to create the final layout.

After pulling together a small group of family and friends to invest in my idea (a leap of faith on their parts), Barclay Watch Co. was formed on January 11, 2011.

Two years later, that first watch ("The MASONIC") proved to be a great success--it has since completely sold out.

Our next piece, "The SHRINER," is a limited edition of only 500 pieces. What makes it such a unique timepiece is the fact that it is based upon an original pocket watch movement design that Bro. Dudley patented in the 1920's, but never produced. Our timepiece faithfully captures the very essence of Dudley's design in a modern auto-mechanical wristwatch.

The "UK MASONIC" is a wonderful timepiece, produced in a limited edition of only 250 numbered pieces to benefit the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, in the United Kingdom. Only (14) of these incredibly rare watches were available in the U.S., and those sold out within hours of their release! Our brothers in the UK have the opportunity to place their order for one of the remaining pieces by contacting the Cherry Lane Co. Limited, at: The "UK" piece is expected to raise over £10,000 for this worthy charity.
We were recently informed that number one (#001 / 250) would be placed on display in the Masonic Museum in London, England. We are truly honored."

Barclay Watch Co. Has since released additional pieces: "The FREEMASON," "The MASTER MASON," and "The PAST MASTER."